FAQ about Aspergers

I will add more info soon. For now, know this:

If you have met one person with Aspergers, then you have met ONE person with Aspergers. We dont all fit in a nice little box with the same easy to follow, one size fits all set of directions.

4 comments on “FAQ about Aspergers

  1. wilson says:

    i know they can love but my question is once they have given there heart and dated for a few years (5) and then she ends it can he ever let go of her to find a new love …

  2. Sharon Rose says:

    So did I – much faster than I ever expected. Once the right person came along, we felt natural together and wanted to get married as soon as possible – not date 5 years first. Once you’re married it’s wrong to change your mind. If you’re just dating, you have an “out.”

  3. Akira says:

    I’m wondering if my one friend is like this waiting for the right woman to come into his life.

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