Aspies are different- Thank God!

I remember as a kid the mantra was ‘be yourself, be proud of who you are. We are different’. I saw it on TV, heard it at school… It was the big thing before ‘just say no’ became the next big thing I always heard. Fast forward 30 years and we hear how we should all be the same.
Aspies are different, and sometimes being different is a good thing!
I find humor in the stereotype that people with Aspergers are different. NT’s say that like it is a bad thing.
We tend to have our ‘quirky’ hobbies and obsessions, we tend to dress differently, we tend to follow our own path. Thankfully we are not as influenced by fads and pop culture as the rest of the world- Thank God!!
Our society these days is stiflingly homogenized and boring- we all have the same looking houses and communities because they’re built by the same faux-hawked hipster on his laptop in LA who just goes “copy>paste” onto every map of every town in America. You can’t tell any suburb in the United States apart from the next, even though they are 3000 miles away. All our furniture is bought from two stores that are all chains. Our education is standardized so we all learn the same thing. The food we eat is homogenized and processed and there are really only 10 chain restaurants anyone eats at in the entire country. There’s no difference between anything anymore. We are all the same generic creature, doing generic things, saying generic things, thinking generically. We all listen to the same music. We watch the same TV shows – does anyone actually ENJOY Honey Boo Boo?!? We are basically the same global clone everywhere we go – you can get off a plane in Warsaw, Dubai, Las Vegas, or London and the only thing that is different about what you see is the language spoken by the McDonald’s worker serving your burger, engineered to tasteĀ identicalĀ no matter which McDonald’s you go to anywhere in the world. It’s a business model that is replicated by everyone, hotels, restaurants, basically everything is replicated on a global scale to be the same.
We have made the world smaller with the internet, Facebook, and Twitter– yet no one is able to have an original thought. People share the same photos, the same recipes and the same memes. It has become boring!
Globalization has made life suck.Thank God I am different!! I don’t fit in that silly box labeled ‘normal’!! I hate fast food, I listen to Jazz, I smoke a pipe, I live in the countDifferent ry- far away from ‘normal’ people, I dress the way I like, not the way some magazine tells me I should, I hate TV and I find social media lame and boring!
I’m not going to give myself a coronary caring about what people think because I don’t have the “right” phone, wear the “right” clothing, buy the “right” material goods and subscribe to the same boring, generic, lifeless, mindless sheep existence that everyone else does.
In a world that promotes sameness, it is no wonder that the number of people with Aspergers is on the rise.
I’m an Aspie and I think for myself, ironic how that makes me different…